Which one is Brazil’s nine-year-old Songji?

It is a popular form of martial art in Brazil, attracting many wrestlers, boxers and brutal fighters in the world.Jiudao is a form of martial arts, started by the famous Japanese judo expert Mitsuyo Maeda (Mitsuyo Maeda). It is a popular martial art form in Brazil, attracting many wrestlers, boxers and brutal fighters in the world. Kuyoshimatsu is an urbanized form of Japanese judo and judo, and it is popular as a fighting system. The Brazilian Nine Club is known for its sports and martial arts, which cultivate personality and physical fitness among young people.

Brazil Jiuji Songji.

· The uniform used by Jiu Jisong practitioners is similar to Judogi, but it is different from the jacket with tighter cuffs. Benefit fighters have less weight in the face of their opponents, and it provides a more close-fitting benefit for grabbing.

· There are certain eligibility criteria for the auspicious clothing used in the competition, and it is necessary to wear the auspicious clothing in training.

· The Brazilian Jiu Ji Song Ji is similar to Tai Chi, Judo Ji or Karate Gi untrained eyes, but they are all different from Karma.

· The game has strict rules against Guise.

· The Brazilian Nuggets are usually white, black or blue. Recently, with the growth and popularity of this sport, some bright colors are appearing, such as green, red, yellow and pink.

· Most recognized Gi color matches are blue and white. In the field or during training, light colors can be distracting.

Type of Gi:

· Single-woven Gi is the least durable and will provide comfort with light weight and flexibility.

· It is best to choose double braided Gi to be more durable, while double braiding is more durable, but heavier and more difficult to handle.

· There are some other kinds of braids, such as hybrids, gold and platinum. Hybrid knitting is between single knitting and double knitting, and is a popular choice.

· Brazil Kuji Songji, all called BJJ kimono, is the uniform worn by BJJ practitioners in training.

The most famous person in the Nogi movement is of course Eddie Bravo. He is famous for his comments on Ufc and Kotc, both of which are provided by Royle Grace in Adcc. Eddie Bravo believes that those who train with Jiu Ji Song Ji, because of the lack of training in No Ji, they are easily affected by the ground and impact. It has become a world-famous rubber guard technology to defend the ground against the guard in the MMA battle. Bravo continued to train many famous MMA fighters, such as George Sotyropoulos, Chuck Liddell, Dean Liszt, Dan Hardy and more.

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