The martial arts coach uncovers the secret of a successful self-defense class.

Not all self-defense courses are equal. There are many self-defense seminars that have little practical value. The only way to confidently learn the actual self-defense class is to ask many questions.

Not all self-defense classes are the same. With the global economic recession, street crimes including robbery, theft, rape and kidnapping are increasing rapidly in both developed and developing countries. Due to the increasing number of street crimes, more and more people began to learn self-defense courses. However, most of the self-defense classes introduced hardly contain any useful content.

Martial arts

Many people claim to be “experts”, showing various forms of martial arts and self-defense classes. The fact is that most of them don’t know how tight they are. He obviously has no experience in dealing with real attacks, and the methods he teaches simply do not work in the real world. In fact, if you try this kind of nonsense, it might kill you.

So, do you know any specific courses teach realistic self-defense methods? Q!

The best way to make sure you will get useful self-defense classes is to ask a lot of questions. Ask questions about the background of the program. Ask if a small person can really make these techniques work against larger attackers. In addition, ask whether the system covers all types of scenarios, such as subsequent ambushes, ground attacks, weapon attacks, and multiple attackers. If you ask enough questions, you will eventually know that it is a good procedure, or it is just to guide you.

The final question you should ask is how much time is spent on crime prevention; you know, for example, lock the car door, and don’t go to unfamiliar places without being accompanied. Contrary to traditional understanding, self-defense classes should spend less time discussing crime prevention issues. Everything is common sense, you may have heard of it before anyway. Facts, this type of information can provide a lot of resources if you need it. You should contact your local police department, I believe it can provide you with an excellent booklet on this issue.

Martial Arts Myths

You see, crime prevention and self-defense are not the same issue. The fact is, no matter how hard you try to avoid trouble, trouble will still get you money. Practical self-defense courses must be based on the assumption that you have tried everything you know how to do to avoid unnecessary encounters. It is a major clue that they don’t really know self-defense when they try to fill the program with unrelated materials. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of fraud.

You must learn how to deal with confrontation quickly, wisely and with complete assurance to protect yourself. Useful self-defense courses will teach you very successful skills that have been proven to work in many different situations. It doesn’t matter whether another person doesn’t want to touch, or a cruel attack from someone who really wants to cause serious harm. Skills must be simple and clear, easy to learn and easy to remember. After practicing, these skills can automatically react to attacks. In this way, you can safely get rid of the injury in a few seconds.

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