About Mei Mosheng the same martial arts.

In early August, Chinese painter Mei Moshengjian’s landscape and ink works flew to London to participate in the Olympic Art Exhibition. Mei Mosheng was a guest at the Jinghua Tea House for a few days, expressing his liking for athletes from different countries and showing different national characteristics, which is so funny. He appreciates that the Olympic Games can enable all countries to put aside the differences between races, regions and countries, and then come together to become a feast for all mankind.

Chinese martial arts

Mei Mosheng not only has knowledge of traditional sinology, poetry, aesthetics and painting identification, but Zhong was an expert in Tai Chi. In terms of boxing and painting, Mei Mosheng believes that they are traditional Chinese culture and complement each other. He had an interesting match with a foreigner in Tai Chi. One year, Mei met a foreigner in Egypt and competed with him. The foreigners pushed it a few times, but it went bad, and after five minutes, the powerful building Egypt gasped. Mei Mosheng was thinner, his waist bent, and a weak push, the foreigner was dropped into the ground.
Wu Shu’s function is not to fight or track.
Just as the Olympic spirit is higher, faster, and stronger, all athletes from all over the world just surpass themselves and buy perfection. However, traditional sports, including Wu Shu, are more about the integration of self-cultivation, physical fitness, and entertainment. According to Mei Mosheng, although traditional martial arts have the characteristics of fighting and competition, with the appearance of hot weapons, their characteristics become more and more degraded, and the fighters of the family martial arts are more rejuvenating and embodying the value of martial arts.
Wu Shu is so difficult to become an Olympic event.

Taichi everyone series

The sports world and the Five Lakes community have disputes over whether Chinese martial arts should strive to participate in the Olympics. Mei believes that if Wu Shu becomes a competitive sport, it needs to be transferred. Due to different cultural concepts and learning realizations, traditional sports such as martial arts have many problems in terms of competition.

First of all, we should formulate a lot of measurable rules, but martial arts itself is a way of cultivating oneself, not for competition, so it is very difficult to operate. Mei Mosheng believes that it is good that Chinese traditional martial arts can be promoted overseas, but it is not necessarily promoted overseas to satisfy Western tastes. He insisted that our Chinese youth should have confidence in our national traditional culture, be responsible for the inheritance of traditional culture, and maintain a calm mind.
Character summary.

From 1996 to 2000, Mei Mosheng taught in the Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Qu worked in the Institute of Chinese Painting, engaged in professional creation, and began to engage in professional creation in 2001. In addition, Qu is also an invited expert of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics, Rongbaozhai Art Academy, and the executive director of the International Association of Calligraphers.

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