Kungfu negotiation: piece it together.

Martial arts training teaches your mind and body to work together, and your body works as a single tool to provide a powerful blow. All the teachings extend to negotiation skills. If your mind gets distracted, you can’t negotiate properly. If your organization cannot speak in a unified voice, you cannot negotiate well. Even incremental steps can make you a stronger negotiator.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung fu masters have come up with many poetic-sounding but extremely practical teachings. For example, a person who practices Chen-style Taijiquan says: “Don’t fight. Kick with your hands”: There is a complete connection between your shoe sole and your fist. It is accompanied by a Yang-style Tai Chi saying, which is a bit more explanatory: “All movements are rooted in the feet, controlled by the waist, and expressed in the hands,” or one of the core principles of each style of Tai Chi, “if mine One part is moving, and all my parts are moving. If one part of me is still part, all of my part is still part.

From the external martial arts style and Qi Gong (Zhan Zhuang) from the internal style, the endless time of horse posture practice , Not only makes a person’s feet stronger and better, but also teaches students to feel the connection between various parts of their body, how the extra tension of the calf can be transformed into unbalanced, and they need to hug their shoulders more tightly and painfully The training goes even further to the students’ internal body, teaching them breathing and more coordination, such as walking around the microscopic orbit, breathing from the external style or walking around the back breathing, from the internal style. Some Pakwa students even claim to be able to control their internal organs. Operation. For these students, everything must work together, and even the ultimate function is autonomous.

If you are negotiating tightly with someone and your heart is spinning in a million directions, your distractions will provide a gap for your opponent to intervene. Your argument is not convincing. You don’t project calm confidence. You forgot the facts and confused the conversation. You keep retreating to your phone screen signal disrespect. Although it is wrong to regard the result of each discussion as winning or losing, if you are distracted, you are making yourself lose. Not like a Tai Chi student, he just waved his hands with no internal connection. The owner described him as “scattered and confused”. It’s not a concept of a new era, learn to concentrate better!

Essential Negotiation Skills

Similarly, if you speak on behalf of others (whether your company, employer or customer), you are responsible for ensuring that the chain of communication and decision-making reaches their needs as far as possible. In this way, you speak of the strength of the whole, not just yourself. If a company can say, “We heard it, but after consideration, the board decided to go, “It has more power than,” I’m not sure, but I don’t think we can do it. All parts of the organization should work together Otherwise, it is as if the students are struggling with their position, and some parts will start to complain.

Realistically speaking, this kind of integration and coordination is more of a desire than a requirement. No one is always focused, and there is no organization to work consistently. Just as you felt calm and down to earth on Tuesday, things may change by Wednesday. However, if you imitate a Kung Fu master, every time you practice, you will find something that needs improvement, and your efforts will be rewarded. At the same time, like a student, in an uncomfortable situation, trying every means to strengthen the situation. Communicate within the company and lobby your boss to get support at all levels for your problems. Learn to use interpersonal cues and look at it as if you are focused and focused, it will strengthen your connection. Start yoga, tai chi, other martial arts or connect your sports. The small steps add up.

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