Sifu William Lai &
Grand Master Chu Shong Tin

Sifu Lai & Student

Grand Master Chu Shong Tin Lineage…

Sifu William Lai trained full time for seven years under Grand Master Chu Shong Tin in seventies Hong Kong. He is Grand Master Chu's only disciple training students in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Sifu Lai has been practising Wing Chun for over 30 years and now trains students in the Sheffield and Chesterfield areas. For details of classes or if you wish to contact Sifu Lai then follow the above links.

Sifu Lai is a life member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong and he is recognised as a coach. The Association is the founder body for all Wing Chun Practitioners worldwide.

Wing Chun and its benefits…

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a modern and scientific Chinese martial art, yet it has over 300 years of history. Wing Chun is economical, effective and efficient. Practitioners will learn how to use their body weight, mind force, sensitivity and feeling to master the skills to their full potential. Therefore, a skilled practitioner, albeit of a small build, will be able to defend themselves and win in a fight. Its philosophy and principles are similar to Tai Chi.

The architect of this art was a buddhist nun called "Ng Mui" who possessed great martial art skills, escaping from a fire at Shaolin monastry set by the Manchus government in the eighteen century. Since the Manchus had gained knowledge of Shaolin Temple martial arts from renegade monks, Ng Mui devised a new system while observing a fight between a snake and a crane.

This new system was passed on to a young girl called "Yim Wing Chun" after whom the system was named. She then passed it to her husband and further through her line of generations of masters to present day "Ip Man" who died in 1972.

A special Connection…

Ip Man came to Hong Kong and started training in 1949. Grand Master Chu Shong Tin, who was Ip Man's third Student, trained full time under him for six years from 1951. Grand Master Chu has over fifty years of experience in Wing Chun and he is still training in his seventies in Hong Kong.

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